About Us

There is nothing little about the heart that goes into Little Heart Records. Sure the appellation is meant to poke fun at a congenital defect, but the reality couldn’t be further from the truth: label founder Bryan Puckett loves what he does and that shows in his roster of bands. You can hear it in the every band, that heart on the sleeve sound that manifests itself in any number of ways. You can hear it in the diversity of sound, unified by the place they call home.

You won’t find any two bands the same here. What started off as a largely punk/emo roster has evolved to pick up the noisier side of indie and the bouncier side of hip-hop, all just the tip of the iceberg for Little Heart’s greater mission, which is to boldly explore the best there is at whatever it is that they do. For many, Little Heart is more than just a name to put on an album, but a stamp of quality that the music you find here is part of a greater community.